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January 14, 2007


Ann Wills

It is vital that we protect the environment, because when we don't do this then people suffer ill-health.
Pollution from pesticides & plastic chemicals can cause estrogen-mimic chemicals which are thought may be the cause of the large increase in breast, prostate & testicular cancer in recent years. In England breast cancer has risen 30% in 30 years & this is true of many industrialised countries! Benzene which is added to petrol is a proven cause of cancer & leukaemia. When we neglect the environment then people become ill.
Governments often don't like this fact being known because it would force them to take action to clean up the environment.


when women stop wearing lipstick , face paint , hair spray ... stop going to the hairdressers once a month ... stop running to the doctor twenty times a year ... when all of these are ended ... then and only then will i start to believe in all of this oral manure posted on these websites .

oh yes . no more professional sports events on television for men.

Keith Farnish

Thank you for your astute comment, Grog. Now can we get on with doing something useful? Maybe you could even help out.


Mark Waterfield

This is a great site that I wrote about yesterday. Sorry to be a bore but the About Us link is broken and needs fixing. Once this is done we can tell you about sites that welcome seniors. Keep up the great work.

Keith Farnish

Hi Mark

Sorry, didn't noticed you had posted this as a comment. The "About Us" page has been updated and relinked; Typepad was playing silly beggers and lost the old page. Thanks for the notification.


Don LeCouteur


I received Edition 33 of the Green Seniors E-mail Bulletin and was saddened to read it is the "Final" such reminder you'll be sending. As you know the links have never worked for me but I have valued the reminder in and of itself because it usually prompts me to revisit the site, see what's been posted since my last visit, etc.

So will you tell us (hopefully others will add their voices so you'll see how many of us appreciate your work)here why you are ending this practice?

Happy Greening!

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