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July 18, 2007


Max at Green Options


Keith Farnish

Thank you Max. We really think that this endorsement will help with the global empowerment of seniors.


Dear Staff
I t is wonderful that baby boomers are engaged in the environmental and other questions. It is The Age Day today and we have still very much to do before we need the help. Some of my ambitions about the babyboomers are described on my site www.recgenerations.com
It would be nice that we cooperate on the global level.
All the best in your future work.
Kindest regards Vesna e-mail www.vesna.vas@gmail.com cell phone 0046 704 152101

Keith Farnish

Dear Vesna

The web address does not work - please contact us directly and we will look into this further.


Joe Wasylyk

I am a Seniorpreneur (60 Plus). I'm looking for Business Support groups in Canada/USA where we can work together on Green and socially acceptable business projects for Seniors (60 Plus). I am based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

My personal project is the 'seniorpreneur project'. see Google search for the same.

Please advise contacts in Canada.


Joe Wasylyk

Keith Farnish

Dear Joe

Green Seniors can only provide advice on environmental groups and networks as we feel commerce is a large part of the problem, however "green" it may appear. Sorry we can't help.


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