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February 25, 2007



Greetings from Colorado! Great blog; I'll bookmark this one and find the time to visit regularly. I'm busy on the Transportation Board for our city; we are introducing roundabouts as a green method (besides using every other mode of transporation possible, esp bikes and walking) to reduce vehicle emissions as well as reduce crashes and serious injuries/fatalies. More on that later; congrats on the super blog and topics!

I'll be back soon!


Hi Garry!

Please consider doing a guest post on Green Seniors regarding the transportation issues you mentioned. (Just send me a WORD document attached to email.) As we both know, walking in many cities is poorly accommodated, and both city streets and rural roads pose hazards to bicyclists. Recreation trails are great, but many Green Seniors just want to get from their home to the grocery store on their own power. Therefore, many of us want to know what can be done about the situation and what IS being done.

If you would send me an email (joyce@greengranny.org) with your mailing address, I'll send you some Green Seniors pins for the gray-hairs in your group. Say a half dozen?

Thanks for the compliment and do not hesitate to suggest ways to make Greengranny or Green Seniors better.


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We look forward to getting the word out, as we're sure the green, sustainable housing marketplace is ready for us.

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