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June 11, 2007


Keith Farnish

It seems incredible that in the USA there are still no nationwide planning regulations concerning home energy efficiency, as exist in the UK and elsewhere. A big irony in western Europe is that one foolproof way of exceeding Kyoto targets is to knock down old homes and build new ones. In a few years this saves more energy than is used in building the home. Retrofitting can also work wonders, and there are grants throughout Europe to allow this to happen cheaply.

Why is this not the case in the USA?


Chapman Vail

I completely agree that the home building industry is failing to recognize the wants and needs of Americans. That is why I have created a company in New Jersey called HOLISTIC HOMES LLC to build "Holistic Homes". A Holistic Home embraces utilizing energy from the SUN and orienting the structure on the EARTH, in order to create an attractive, affordable HOME that is beneficial to the community and maximizes HUMAN health and comfort. By utlizing actual sustainable building practices, NOT "greenwashing", employing renewable energy technologies, and designing an open modest home (2100 sq. ft. and 3 bedrooms & 2 1/2 baths) that will allow occupants to "age in place", Holistic Homes will fulfill a need many Americans long for. The Holistic Home is specifically designed and engineered to meet all of those goals! The first Holistic Home in America is set for July 2007 groundbreaking in Historic Woodstown, New Jersey.
Chapman Vail
Holistic Homes LLc

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