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September 05, 2007


coming clean

I think that "not being an expert" tends to keep a lot of people from going green when all that is really needed is an attitude of wanting to not impact the environment needlessly. Great to hear you are bringing information to more and more people.

Joyce Emery

I agree, and many people invent their own ways to go green that work well for them, better than anything I'd have thought of.

Thank you for your encouragement, and the word from my AARP contact, Holly, is that the Powerpoint show was very well received in Boston. Photo to be posted soon. The slide show is already downloadable from www.greenseniors.org.


Robert  Lane
Robert  Lane

What is your email address, please

Robert  Lane

What is your email address, please?

Keith Farnish

Robert, you can find contact details on the "About" page.

It is joyce@greenseniors.org


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