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April 26, 2008


Carol Clevenger

The response to the AARP article demonstrates that eco-activity thrives on small efforts on the part of each individual. The problem is that sometimes it is hard to find others who are doing the same. The AARP article did just that for me. I never set out to convert others to my way, I just felt that it has to begin with me and others like me acting on a small scale. Please continue to write as Green Granny as you encourage me to believe that what I do makes a difference even if only a small one.

Joyce Emery

Carol, thanks! What you said is one of my primary goals. The responses and comments I get from this blog do the same for me--encourage me and keep me going!


Thanks for all that you are doing. I couldn't agree with you more that it is going to take an all out effort. Our business is based on the premise that if we can convince American (and international) business that it is in their interest (read: profits) to go green, than it will be a competitive imperative for them to do so. We already have 2700 businesses listed on our site - http://www.greencollareconomy.com - that are ready to help other companies start 'undoing' the excesses of the industrial revolution. Keep up the good work.

Kevin Gulley
CEO & Publisher
Green Collar Media

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