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June 24, 2008


Carol E Clevenger

I just spent a lovely week on the Greenbriar River at Marlinon, WV which is the state's only free-flowing river-- no dams no levees. Yes, it can be mean as irate badger in bad times but most on the time this is a serene river with approachable banks. You can rent a tube for 50 cents and float down a meandering shallow river(an old swimsuit is recommended as there won't much left of the seat when you're done) on a hot day. There has been talk of raising money for a flood wall for Marlinton for several years, but those who live there also appreciate the naturalness of this river. It may be better to plan for structures along the river that allow for flooding rather than altering the flow to prevent flooding. Homes are built as high above the river as possible and one pillars that will tolerate moserate flooding. or I agree that we have to a way get out of harms ways, but we need minimize the impact on an otherwise beautiful area. This is truly lovely place and the fact that it retains its natural loveliness makes summertime recreation a real joy.

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