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July 20, 2008


Carol Clevenger

I have been dealing with a developer's nightmare for over a year. I moved to the country, thinking that I would enjoy a close relationship with nature. A developer came out here, stripped the land of trees, shrubs, topsoil and began building large "green" homes for cheap(the only thing green is the aluminum siding on one house). It caused a slide which closed a federal highway (US 50) and I've been cut off from town for nearly a year now while the state and the developer fight it out in court as to who will pay for repairs. Maybe its time for all of us to reread Henry David Thoreau. Green has become trendy and spurious How much house do we really need? Why not redevelop old neighborhoods in town?

Carol Clevenger

Well, Greengrany, I'm on a rant after returning from my grocery store where, unless you bring reusable canvas bags as I do, you are limited to plastic bags-- what a waste of petrochemicals! And they make "fine" advertising statements when they've been blown into the branches of trees along our lovely highways.

Why is there all of this talk about biofuels and CFLs but little talk of other ways to save resources? We have a disposable cleaning rag for every concievable purpose, but no mention of where it goes when we "dispose" of it. I also found myself unable to purchase my 7th Generation dish liquid which has been the reason I patronize this store in the first place. Seventh Generation vegetable-based products work well and don't irritate my skin. First, the display was moved to an out-of-the-way location and now the stock is nearly depleted. No one can buy what isn't on the shelf!

I still say that green living begins with the changes I make in my own life, but I guess for now, I will have to work a little harder at making it happen.

Joyce Emery

Carol, what great comments these are, and no one could have put it better on either topic!

I have been slow to try "green" products but will try out more in the future....

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