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January 17, 2009



I see your dilemma. Here are a few ideas for greener travel I've culled from a book titled -Global Warming Survival Handbook- by David de Rothschild:
1. Fly direct whenever possible (it's take-off and landing that guzzle the most fuel).
2. Take the train if at all possible.
3. Fly during the day. One study showed nighttime contrails create more warming.

My own suggestions include packing lightly and walking or using mass-transit to get around town.

I think most of us do find that being green can seem like a step forward and a half-step back at times. But, the greater good that comes from your meeting is like a carbon offset, yes?

Joyce Emery

Your pointers on travel are very important. Thank you for the information!

I was lucky to be in a place I was familiar with, and I always felt safe (as in personal safety) when using Washington's Metrorail.

I will certainly be trying to bring about a greater good, for having taken this trip!

Don LeCouteur

Thanks for raising my consciousness (again!)...I never cease to be amazed at how many 'little things' I'd never thought of when I read one of your articles.

I wish I could offer a suggestion for 'greener travel' but I'm afraid my favorite solution is not practical for you high-flyers...Carpool. Start one vehicle and one participant driving it in San Diego or Seattle and arrange to pick up others along the way to D.C. Looks good on paper but not practical because of the time involved. But, hey, maybe someone can 'caboose' on that idea ....

Happy Greening,

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