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January 23, 2009



What an interesting blog! I am a minimalist, but there is no way I could live in a camper like that because my husband isn't nearly as fond of minimalism as I am lol. He did, however, agree to a home that is around 400 square feet.

Beth Engelman

This is a wonderful piece! I love your spirit and creativity! .
Beth Engelman!


I have just moved back to the U.S. after being out of the country for about 3 1/2 years, teaching English first in Shanghai and then in the Czech Republic. I am glad to be home, to be making a home for myself and establishing roots at the age of 63. But, the city I have chosen to live in, while it has many good features, does not have a viable public transportation system. I would say this is by far the thing I miss about much of Europe - there I could get anywhere easily without a car, within reason, of course. Day-to-day, the Metro or trams come like clockwork, go to the far reaches of Prague. And, in Berlin as well. Paris has a good Metro system as many of you know but is prone to strikes on certain lines that leave a gap in getting around. Not only does this city not have much of a bus system - one bus twice an hour that's usually late that goes in a straight shot down the main streets. To transfer you have to ride all the way into the main terminal and take another bus out in another direction. The staff at the company doesn't seem to know the schedule so calls to confirm a bus pickup is fruitless. To top it off, the city is now going forward with building sidewalks OVER THE OBJECTIONS OF RESIDENTS. It is unheard of to me to oppose sidewalks. It is another form of hysterical segregation and I can't believe some people actually believe they have the right to determine who passes in front of their homes. I don't have a car. I walk to the library from my home but halfway there the sidewalks ends abruptly and I'm forced to walk in the street (dangerous!) or on the grass (difficult going). In this day and age when the planet is screaming for help it amazes me that the car is still god. To me it is another sad example of: will we ever learn? I fear we won't. So, all the best to the bicyclers, bus riders and walkers like Joyce. It's one way we're doing our bit. Change is another thing.

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