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February 09, 2009


Don LeCouteur

I couldn't agree more, Joyce. I've lived the RV lifestyle exclusively for over 10 years and find most RV parks do that 'communal spaces' thing you mention to one extent or another. I'm going to keep your suggestions handy to pass along to my 'stick home' friends as food for thought.

Happy Greening!

Andy Greene

Anne Michelson wrote a similar post about Living Small in a micro-house. I cant decide whether its really worth the move.

Andy Greene
Going Green for Rednecks


Good for you. You have learned what is really important in life. I also feel better when my house is clutter free and I have more time to spend with my family. Thanks for your post!


Oh I just love the small home-less to to clean concept! I live in a 90 square meter house and it is such a bother to clean- I do need the space for the studio but I just can't be bothered to clean all the time! I miss my one room apartment now LOL


I've found that shrinking my living space as I get older is looking more and more attractive. Less to worry about keeping clean and in its place and more time to enjoy the good things.

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Wow! Sounds like just the right thing to do. In a set-up like this one, you are not just closer to nature but closer to your partner as well!

Joyce Emery

Thank you, everyone who has commented.With your encouragement I will go forward on this topic.

And yes, the togetherness that my husband and I experience in our little abode is a contrast to losing each other in the big house, where we spend too much time in separate rooms. Most activities are more enjoyable when done in each others presence. The older we get, the more we treasure time together.

Our trailer is coming up on its 5th birthday. Five years of sun and heat (whether or not we are staying there) and months-per-year use of mechanical systems are beginning to take a toll. We've tried to take meticulous care of our trailer, but maintenance and repair of an RV is a learning experience. More about that soon--your comments and experiences welcomed!

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Joyce Emery

Agree on the cost. I think some of the other hurdles right now to RV home maintenance are:

1) Most of us have a lot more experience with traditional home maintenance and repair, and RV construction and systems are new to us. Information on how they actually work seems difficult to obtain, proprietary to each manufacturer.

2) While it seems like RV living is widespread in the USA, availablility of parts, expertise, and labor is harder to find than going down to the local home improvement store.

3) My hope as an environmentalist is that RVs are driven or towed around the country much less as time goes on. If the trend started by the recession does continue, it will negatively affect the RV market and there will be even fewer service options and replacement parts for those living in RVs. Result: very poor people will live in RVs and others desiring small greener homes will make different choices.

4) A hint to the growing market in small, modular, more sustainable home designs--in order to ramp up on these, we need standardized parts and locally available service outlets. Partnering with existing RV and/or modular home manufacturers to produce static modular homes that use less energy and materials than traditional homes would seem to be a win-win situation. I believe some partnering has already occurred.


It's not just a norm - it's also really important, we have to let the "greeness" enter to every corner of our life, of course - even when you moving into a new house or renovating the current.
The whole thing is to find the cheapest and most effective ways to move forward, without having to spend too much, it's not complicated if you really want.

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The whole thing is to find the cheapest and most effective ways to move forward, without having to spend too much, it's not complicated if you really want. Sounds like just the right thing to do. In a set-up like this one, you are not just closer to nature but closer to your partner as well!

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I also lived it a trailer for almost a year with my girlfriend. We took a trip across the states, coast to coast, and those great things you have enjoyed from living in trailer are familiar for me. The reading reminded me the wonderful times we had. Thanks for shearing, this wonderful post.

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I loved concept of small home with green living. My new home is almost ready. I am shifting there next month. I will take care of all the points shared by you. Thank you very much !


Personal energy use is going to be such a massive thing in the next decade or two.

With so many large buildings already in existence, perhaps they'll be divided up into tiny personal living spaces with communal facilities like bathrooms and kitchens - a bit like your own arrangements Joyce.

This might use less resources than retrofitting large buildings with the newest energy efficient technologies just to have the same number of people living in them.

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