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March 09, 2009



I read Outliers about a month ago and have been enthusiastically recommending it to others. It made me wish I had sent our two children to a much more rigorous high school (though ours was good in many ways). It also seems to explain why my older siblings and their peers seemed to have prospered and achieved so much more than my age group. (I, the babyboomer of my family, was in the second-largest graduating class in my high school; whereas my brother and sister always had smaller class sizes.) I hope I'm not just making excuses for being less of an achiever! But, the lesson is that every child needs attention, opportunity and support. Unfortunately, the current economic crisis is curtailing school funding in Arizona where my grandchildren attend school...creating larger classes, among other cuts. My mission is to help my young grandkiddos to succeed and develop a love of learning. Any comments from others on how we can best prepare our youth for rewarding and meaningful futures??? I know this doesn't directly address the environment, but if we don't have responsible, thoughtful, innovative future leaders, the environment will be doomed.

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