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October 06, 2009


Don LeCouteur

Granny Joyce,

Great article. Nicely points up the many things 'designers' forget. I have a system I've put together for myself to make my 'small home' more functional. I'll communicate with you separately about it.

Keep up the good work of raising our consciousnesses.

Happy Greening!

Wally Dutcher

There a number of things that I wish to comment on. I was troubled by the term ''older people'' because it immediately stereotypes a class of individuals. I am 73 but I, as indeed others are, still active in trying to make a difference. When I broke my neck in 1956 and became a quadriplegic, persons with disabilities were called ''crips''. We have made an effort to use ''person first'' terminology because it dignifies the individual. One note on spelling; wheelchair is not hyphenated. I design homes and modifications. The article lumps those involved; i.e., architects, interior designers, kitchen and bath designers, together. I incorporate the principles of Universal Design into a presriptive set of features the result of which is a home that is ''adaptable'' to any circumstance throughout one's lifetime. I call this Life Span design. I'd be happy to share articles and designs that provide more information that I can present here. You may contact me here: wdutche1@tampabay.rr.com


Of course, this is not only important for older people but also for people with disability especially in the wheelchair


Hello Granny Joyce :) Well-, I hope you will be happy to hear that your blog needed up being extremely useful the young designers :) I am an interior design student, and the project for this semester is compact accommodations in movement. I have been thinking a long time about the "client" for this project- a traveling band, a nature photographer... But all seemed so cliche and with no sizzle. Reading your article, and having a grandmother that loves to travel- I though why not create a different way then the usual trailer, with solar panels and what not that would also serve all the needs you talked of in your blog! Thank you very much- you have been a great inspiration to me, and I would like to have your permission to use parts of your blog in class.

Joyce Emery

I deleted some comments because a commercial name or website was included. Please, no advertising. This is a totally non-commercial blog, done as a service during my free time. I welcome appropriate comments and thank all who have done so without slipping in the ads. If you are selling something, don't try to sell it here.

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