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July 21, 2010


Carol Clevenger

So glad to hear that your urban garden has gone so well. It really looks healthy. When I left for a week of hiking in July, mine was looking pretty depleated between the groundhogs and the deer. When I returned, I was amazed. Despite the damage, I will get enough for one or two meals and it is beautiful. My children have promised to help me with the necessary fencing and wire to keep the critters in their own part of the yard beginning next year. I am encouraged enough to try again next year with an even bigger garden with more companion plantings. I have enjoyed the 5-6 everbearing strawberries that I get to eat each morning as I weed. Nothing is sweeter than a fresh strawberry! I guess that if I plant enough, the deer will either run out of appetite or invite a hundred of their closest friends for dinner. We'll see. I "aint" quittin' yet.

rose white

I am happy that your garden is doing great these passing weeks. The plants near the fences look healthy and happy with your caring. I just harvested strawberries yesterday and I am proud that I made some jam out of it.

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