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July 01, 2010


Carol Clevenger

I'm glad to see your garden looking so good! Mine was doing swimmingly until a groundhog decided that he liked the looks of things. After carefully tying up my first set tomato only last night, I awoke to a tipped pot and a bare vine. At least he took the whole thing. My neighbor had a bite taken from each of her tomatoes. While surveying the damage this morning, I was approached by a doe with three fawns who was promptly chased by a feral cat who, I guess, sets high goals for himself. Where was he when the groundhog was munching? Next year, I'm thinking that I'll try a bigger garden and hope for enough to share with all of the critters. Meanwhile, I'm watching my next batch of tomatoes and some green peppers as I make chickenwire cages for protection. As much as I realize all creatures have a right to be here, I really do wish that they'd down the road about 500 feet or so.

Joyce Emery

Carol, sorry I had to chuckle at your ground hog predicament. It made me remember the time, when we lived in the woods, that I put out a brand new door mat on the front porch--one made of natural fiber. The next day I found it eaten to shreds! That was my introduction to the ground hog resident under our porch.

I'd keep those chicken wire fences for next year if I were you...

kitchen table

Granny's is the best for me. Those photos of plots and other things about gardening are amazing. I wanted to learn those things but I don't have enough time.

Joyce Emery

Note there is an update to this post as of July 11--see bottom of post.

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