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June 21, 2011


Carol Clevenger

I'll go plant a thousand twigs. Maybe we can start something wonderful. I guess we have it right as children and learn some pretty nasty behavior as we "grow up". I promise to think more like a child and believe that anything is possible if we try hard enough and really want it! Thanks for making my day.


First off I sincerely hope you are still feeling better! I have enjoyed reading your blog & hope you post more content about sustainability. From our standpoint we see Fair Trade as a way to help people help themselves. Most use recycled materials or traditional farming methods to lessen the commercial impact upon the Earth.

People will always be consumers, however guiding them to better consumption choices helps them to be better stewards of the planet.

By offering a consumer a smarter choice of a recycled product or food grown without pesticides we can help not only to stop destroying and polluting, but also help those that need a fair marketplace.


I'm certainly supportive of Fair Trade. Thanks for writing. I have continued to feel pretty good, but the bicycle and garden season are both over for me, in Iowa. That cuts back on the exercise I need.

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