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November 15, 2006


Chris Bradshaw

I am trying to get more seniors involved actively in the Green Party of Canada. I am a former party leader and former environmental-business owner (shared car ownership, or carsharing).

Some of the names for our group, offered by others at our biennial convention last August, are: 'Legacy Greens,' 'Sage Greens,' 'Grand Greens,' and 'Old Growth.' Or how about 'Grumpy and Green Grampas and Grandmas?'

I think the survey that suggested that the oldest generation is the one making the most personal effort to be green is not surprising to me.

Chris Bradshaw, 62, Ottawa, Canada

Keith Farnish

Sorry we took the name Green Seniors, Chris. Sadly we can't link to the Green Party, as we are politically neutral, but we certainly support the wonderful environmental consciousness raising that the Green Party has done worldwide, throughout the years.

Good luck with your campaigning.


sally shepherd

I currently do whatever i can to not be fossil fuelish. if i had $15,000. my house would have geothermal. i make and run on biodiesel, and started the WVBiodiesel/Renewables Co-op at WVState U in Charleston WV. But 4 weeks ago i learned about an enterprise that will enable homeowners to Go Solar THIS fall 2007 without investing in a single piece of equipment. Any homeowner that lives in a state that has netmetering [all but 7 states] can sign up to rent an array of pv solar panels that will be configured to fit each owner's home and energy use. The homeowner "pays" the rent by paying for the kwhours produced by their panels at the same per kwh rate they currently pay the local power company for 'dirty' electricity.
i truly believe this could revolutionize energy in this country as 100,000 homes Go Solar this year and hundreds of thousands next year... with no investment in equipment, no installation or maintenance worries. please take a look and sign up to "Reserve Your System" at www.jointhesolution.com/solarenew and help me spread the word. i know this sounds like a commercial, but i see it as a huge step toward taking solar from "alternative" to mainstream. get your whole block or condo to "Panel Up"!
sally shepherd
sissonville, WV

Keith Farnish

Hi Sally

I like this idea - solar energy is far more "green" than biofuels, which are growing hugely in volume, potentially at the expanse of cropland, forests and even other renewable energy sources.

I have linked to your project from the Reduce3 blog (see Renewable Energy Leasing link) as Green Seniors doesn't post commercial links.

Good luck.


jack greene

For all you grandparents, check out the www.cnaturenet.org website. We need to get our grandchildren outdoors to explore, plant a garden, go fishing, etc.! The case was well made in Richard Louv's book "Last Child in the Woods".

Keith Farnish

Thanks Jack - I have added the link to our USA Networks section.

Jane Ennis

I would like to be active in the Green Seniors movement. I would like to ask if any other UK members are going to the Green Party (England and Wales) Conference in Swansea next month? If so, perhaps we could arrange a Fringe Meeting or something.

Keith Farnish

Hi Jane

Although Green Seniors is non-political, it doesn't stop fringe attendance at political events, and I would be very surprised if the Green Party conference does not warrant a Green Seniors presence. Please contact me on the listed e-mail address and I will put you in contact with some people I know, and may even attend myself!


Sissy Danninger

With your permission and still hoping for your support I dare to repeat my message sent to you last January:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
As I just came across your new website I remembered my inefficient attempt to work for the abolition of European Summertime as one measure to mitigate climate change. Maybe you could consider supporting my petition to the EU:


Best wishes in any case,
Sissy Danninger


Getting Up To Speed:

Two weeks ago I joined Green Seniors and already I can feel myself getting off the dime. Using the list of Groups and Networks in North America I dropped in on the Sierra Club and found two likely spots where I might volunteer some time. The Cool Cities program offered one opportunity but on further investigation I found it was primarily geared to larger cities and since I live 'in the sticks' that didn't pan out. But then I discovered that there are many state organizations and I found my 'home state' of Oregon is broken up into 'groups'. The geographical area I live in is covered by the Many Rivers Group (how appropriate for a kayaker, eh?) so I got busy announcing my presence. First thing I did was dash off a few notes to local politicians urging movement on an important piece of legislation concerning Toxic Mixing Zones (whereby industries are permitted to dump untreated waste into our rivers, if you can believe that), but once that was done things seemed to stall out for a time. I received no replies to the notes I sent to listed officers of the group, so I tried the 'shotgun approach', writing to everyone who had an email address. Bingo! Finally got a response from someone who promised to forward my note to an 'active' officer.

The tattoo on my left shoulder reads: "It's Not Easy Being Green" and brother that's the truth. It takes a little bit of work, a lot of persistence. But I sense the rewards (in green terms) will be more than worth the effort. I'd sure like to hear from other members with their tales so all of us can benefit from the shared experiences.

Happy Greening!

Keith Farnish

Good work Don. It's been nice communicating with you - that kind of energy and determination is what is needed throughout the world.

Keep it up.


Martha Harrison

I currently do what I can to save/protect the environment and that is by using environmentally safe products. This is a small part but if more people would do this, it could become a big part in saving/protecting the environment. Not only that but it is better for mine and my husband's health. We are no longer inhaling harmful products.

Go Green!

Seniors Community

Seniors community refers primarily to retirement communities where seniors can live out their lives among other seniors with dignity and in most instances while maintaining their independence. There are many different types of seniors’ communities. They can be broken down into two broad headings: Residential, and Non-residential A residential seniors community can be further broken down into categories depending on the living arrangements.



Any comments or ideas? How do we stop the greenwash? How do we stop the resistance of the ordinary person?

Love the name 'Grumpy Green Grandparents' but we need to include the childfree too.

monica munch

I am a danish grandmother who will retire from my work at the end og 2009. therefore I want to revitalize my engagement in ecologicals way og living and fightings against pollutions og the air, the earth and the water.
I want to join green senior worldwide network and start a nordic group of seniors. How is that possible?
kindly regards from denmark
Monica Munch


Dear Monica

By using this web site you have shown that you are a Green Senior already. We don't have membership, but we do offer lots of advice that you can follow (see the "How To..." articles on the left hand side, and links to networks and groups you can follow. I think a Nordic group of Seniors would be an excellent idea, and we can help you - if you would like to write a short article requesting help and ideas (we are happy for it to be in any language you like) then we will post it here.

Please contact me by clicking here.

Kind regards


ricardo alcos

I approach as a novice. I've been encouraged to start a Facebook account and create a blog. I found your listing on Facebook and it seems to apply to my circumstances. I'm 76, soon to be 77. This is my first tentative step toward letting the world know who I am and what it is that I have to offer. Hopefully we can be of mutual benefit.


Joyce Emery

Ricardo, the world has never needed your help more than it does right now. We hope you will visit the Green Seniors site often and explore the additional major environmental sites in the left column, and the extensive lists of resource sites in the right column.

Please also sign up for the monthly Green Seniors Bulletin (scroll up/down till you see the Bulletin box in the left column of this page). Thank you for taking part!

Andrew Radford

Hi I am Andrew Radford, 63, Bristol, England. I am in year two of a Masters at University of Bath & my final project is all about engaging the Baby Boomer generation in climate change & green issues generally. I have started GreyandGreen.org.uk - do visit the blog/website to find out more. Maybe GreyandGreen.org.uk and Greenseniors can collaborate to get this movement really moving?

Joyce Emery

What an excellent topic for study and action!  Thank you Andrew for contacting Green Seniors, and we hope to look at your website and respond in a private email very soon.  I have been out of town on business and just returned.

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