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December 17, 2006



I read about you on the BBC website and just wanted to send some fan mail. I am a science teacher in Southern California and you have inspired me: I've just been talking with my students about "direct action" and you are a tremendous example of what a person can do.

Keith Farnish

Thanks for the nice words, Morgan. I will pass them on to Irene.


Pamela Morris

Not sure it is a good example of Irene's to boast of a £800 fine that she is refusing to pay or that she feels she can can get away with murder.

It may sound cool but it certainly puts me off getting involved.


Recycling addict of surrey.

Keith Farnish

Dear Pamela

The BBC don't always quote directly - Irene may not have actually said that, but it's just a turn of phrase, and she is an extremely caring person.

The £800 fine was for Aggrevated Trespass, which is subjective according to the landowner. In this case it was related to a US air base, which was hosting bombers heading for Iraq.

Few people choose to take part in such direct action, but sometimes it is the only way to change things. There are many other ways to get involved, and I hope you have time for some of the other ideas suggested elsewhere on Green Seniors.


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