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July 02, 2007


Eileen Peck

I joined WEN about three years ago and have started a WEN group in S E Essex. Although we've got a good strong core of active members (six at the moment)we are having difficulties in recruiting more members in spite of broadcasting on BBC Essex and lots of local Press coverage. Not quite sure why that is. Do people feel that if they join an organisation like WEN they will have to give their lives over to it? Are environmental issues just too big to take personal responsibility for?
We have had a few very successful workshops in members homes - one on making your own non-toxic cosmetics & toiletries, one on the 'labour behind the label' and one (just before Christmas) on making gift wrappings from recycled materials found round the house.
For 2 years running we've had an Earth Day celebration in Southend - celebrating the beauty of Planet Earth and what we can all do to help preserve it.
We would like to do lots more ... campaigning for real nappies, reduced packaging, etc but we really could do with a few more women to join us.
I am especially interested in learning more about the potentially harmful chemicals in baby products and would like to get round to mother and baby groups to talk about that. Lots of mums have taken to giving their babies organic foods .. the next move is to convince them that they don't need to put their babies into baby bath solutions which may have questionable effects on their babies health.
I'd be really interested to hear from any Green Seniors who would like to join us. Apart from campaigning we get a lot of fun out of meeting with like-minded women and exchanging ideas. I'd be pleased to hear from you on 01268 752264.

Bicycle Trailers

I had been searching on google for blogs regarding fitness and biking when this post showed up in the final results. Although not really what I was looking for it was really worth the read and for that I would give it four stars.

jane trechsel

good morning to you this fine late october sunday. I have stumbled upon greengrannies and WEN and your blog there in Scotland... and am so happy to find like- minded and active women. I need a community! In alabama, one of the most unprogressive states in america, I am a bit odd...and old(73) I gave up grass 10 years ago and have a splendidly chaotic front and back property filled with flowers and exuberance and a few vegetables dotted around My neighborhood is under seig from noisy and polluting leaf blowers... my leaves are loved and left til i rake a path thru them. or gather them for mulch. I have a clothesline- and support the brave but small environmental groups. The neighbors think i am eccentric but have not sent a petition yet. ha.

I have hosted a few sunday afternoon living room events here I called "Wine Women and Warming", where i made a presentation on the reality of global warming.and ways we need to alter our life style. but alas. we are all so stuck in wasteful patterns. habits are hard to break. I do believe that many of us know we are on the righttrack... but i get frustrated at how slowly change takes place. let us encourage each other. congratulations to you i wish you well and thank you for your blog

Joyce Emery

Jane, on this Green Seniors blog we welcome you to our community. As the green granny based in Ames, Iowa, I am currently moderating comments on both the Green Seniors and Greengranny blogs, the latter being my own original writing. Your "Wine, Women, and Warming" Sunday afternoon events sound wonderful! Please keep us informed of your activities, and thank you for all you do.

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