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May 14, 2008


Barclay S. Hunt

Yes, Floyd Sherburne is a hero of every color. Floyd is my maternal Grandfather. In my early teens I spent a large part of the summer helping Gramps tear down old barns, straighten nails, trench in by hand the footings and the plumbing for his dream home. Grandpa and Grandma went so much farther than "green". They cared for the needy whether it was family,friend or stranger,in their community. They had a strong and beautiful relationship with God and with each other. We all miss Grandma but we know that she is resting in the bossum of God. Quite possibly, Floyd and Florence invented "green", everything was used. It wasn't just the last 32 years that they lived as they did. It began in the early '50's. I feel extremely honored to have their blood in my veins. Floyd is an extrodinary man and Florence was and extrodinary woman and God blessed them with riches beyond this earth. I want to thank you for putting this small part of his story on your site. I wish you could all meet him. He is the definition of a God fearing man who has and still does extend his hand to any who might need it. Thanks again, Barclay S. Hunt

Joyce Emery

It is a great pleasure for Green Seniors to hear from Floyd's family! Thank you very much for sharing your view as his grandson. I especially liked learning of your grandparents' care for the needy in their community--also that in the 1950's, when ordinary Americans began turning towards a lifestyle of consumption in the post-war era, your grandparents took the opposite direction.

Please convey our admiration and best wishes to your Grandfather and to the rest of your family.

Tom C Cooper

Floyd is truly a Green Hero in every sense. He has been my father-in-law for 25 years and currently lives with his daughter Nyla and me in suburban Atlanta. I have spent an average of about 3 weeks a year with him and his late wife Florence at their wonderful home-in-the-woods-with-nature in Guthrie County, Iowa. I grew to love him as a unassuming, sincere, honest, totally unselfish human with a strong relationship with his maker. He cared for our planet earth and all his natural surroundings. He appreciated the abundance of nature and never wasted a seed, fruit, vegetable, berry or a nut. He has impacted my life enormously and I am blessed to know him and to have him in the next room while I write this. He has become a hit in our subdivision with with his daily walks. And thanks to Green Hero's writer for expertly capturing the essence of this wonderful man.

Joyce Emery

We at Green Seniors see that from the family's testimony, Floyd is much more than a Green Hero. To have set an example throughout life that brings gratitude and reverence from friends and family--what higher achievement is there? Floyd grew more than plants and reaped a harvest having many dimensions, a harvest that keeps on giving.

taran sherburne floydes great great nephew

it was such a fun time going to his place and working in the garden and mowing his lawn, but in the winter it was terrible to git up the driveway. one winter we had to walk up the drive way to get to there house, but i still miss going there in the summer and winter.

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