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July 03, 2008


Carol E Clevenger

Re: Have fork will travel. In the late eighties a group of us from our New England church started lugging our mugs on Sunday mornings in order to avoid using styrofoam cups during the coffee hour. At the end of the year, we all went to the administrative council meeting (each carrying a fifty-pack of styrofoam cups) and pointed out that over the past year, we had quietly saved the church the cost of 250 cups plus we had kept these same cups out of the landfill. I moved to another state 15 years ago but I still lug-a-mug in my tote bag everywhere I go. I figure that it all starts with me. I don't nag others but several of my friends and neighbors have noticed my mug and have started doing the same.

Joyce Emery


Thanks for the reminder about styrofoam coffee cups. I like the way you measured your inpact and presented both cost data and visual results to the church council! (And those unopened cup packages that you used for your props could be returned to the store.)

You also coined a great slogan, "lug-a-mug."

A wide variety of going-green campaigns and actions could benefit from the simple and effective strategies you have illustrated. Thanks so much for writing.

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