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April 27, 2009


Harry in Houston

Great article!

I'm glad to see seniors involved in making a difference - in whatever arena they choose. Since I'm only a couple of years from senior status this gives me a networking group of others who don't equate senior status with a life in the recliner.

You go, guys!

Joyce Emery

Harry in Houston, networking is what Green Seniors is all about. Please visit often. No need to wait until you achieve "senior status" to get involved in the movement to reduce our ecological footprint and improve the earth for future generations.

Robin en Espagne

Sure, why not? We have mobile phones, mobile computers...why not a mobile villa. I think, however, I might miss the indoor plumbing...one of the few modern inventions that has really made life better.

Joyce a.k.a. Greengranny

Say Robin, while Don's Desert Villa is moveable, it remains at one location as a rule, as does my own trailer. Personal transportation is left to more energy efficient methods than moving the trailer!

As for indoor plumbing, most RVs that are a little bigger than the Desert Villa have a complete bathroom. Mine has a shower with a built-in seat, and a small tub to plug and soak my feet. It makes the most of every drop of water used, so the water can be as hot as I like it. I don't use it every day, prefering cloth washes some days as a further way to reduce consumption.

Some people fret about the type of toilet RVs have, but there's a product you add to the black water tank after the weekly sewer dump, so it doesn't smell.

Sheri Jansen-Olliges

I've heard about Don's early years from my neighbors near La Honda. He wrote a history of our neighborhood, the "Middleton Tract". I am doing the same. Would love to contact him!


Sheri, I have not heard from Don for months. I hope he has just decided to reduce his email and is not ill.

Don Le Couteur

Joyce, Sheri, Robin, Harry, et all,

Sorry to have been away so long. I was ill, but I got over it and then I got busy, writing and painting (a new hobby for me)and stuff like that. My son alerted me to these notes so I thought I'd drop by and at least 'say howdy'. If any of you would like to contact me directly (I've reduced my internet time but I check my email often) please feel free to do so. My addy: [email protected]

I'm especially interested to hear from Sheri from the Middleton Tract given my current involvement in writing more seriously again. Joyce, I'll write to you separately with all the gory details of where I've been.

Happy Greening!


Don, so glad to hear from you! We'll look forward to further correspondence.
I am so very glad you have recovered and are back to living life again.

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