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August 23, 2009


Mark Waterfield

I fully agree with your points. In particular, that food gets shipped many too many miles to get on our plates as fresh food.

The concept of what is in season and what is out of season gets lost on the children of today. In many cases the closest these children come to seeing a vegetable or fruit being grown is on the supermarket shelf. It is only with a garden in your backyard can your grandchild have first hand experience of what is and what is out of season

how to start a vegetable garden

My mother gardens. She says since she isn't raising kids anymore, she might as well raise plants.

Nova @ Grow Herb Garden

I am getting there (becoming a senior) but I started gardening some 20 years ago. Simply because it's a very rewarding activity.

Flowers Delivery Melbourne

This is beautiful. Hope to be creating my garden soon.

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